Why Get Your Clothes Made to Measure?

Why Get Your Clothes Made to Measure?

A lot of guys in Lynbrook and the Long Island area don’t understand the point of made-to-measure clothing. To them, it’s time consuming, pricey, and frankly, just not worth it. These are, however, unfortunate misconceptions. My goal is to make you forget everything you thought you knew about made-to-measure menswear by answering a few common questions.

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1. What is made-to-measure?

The number one reason guys dismiss made-to-measure clothing is that they don’t reallyknow what it is. Basically, “made-to-measure” means clothing made from a standardized pattern that is adjusted (a/k/a tailored) to the wearer before the final garment is produced. For example: you try on a size 40R suit jacket. It pretty much fits, but the arms need to be shortened and the waist taken in a bit. A knowledgeable sales associate then takes all your measurements, consults with you on fit and style so that the jacket will not only be the right size, but it will look the way you want. The sales associate also helps you choose fabric, color, vents, buttons and other details that make up your desired suit. Once all your specs are nailed down, the sales associate submits your order to the clothier, who then makes your suit.

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2. Why can’t I just have a suit tailored? Won’t it basically turn out the same?

In terms of fit, maybe—if you have a really good tailor. The best thing about made-to-measure is that it nails the shape. Why? Because the suit was made for you, literally. At Mur-Lees, we take XX measurements to ensure that your suit is made to fit you like a glove. A perfect fit isn’t as easy to achieve once the suit is already made. Also, made-to-measure lets you choose the fabric, color, lapel style, number of vents, buttons and more. You don’t have that kind of control with an off-the-rack suit.

3. Is made-to-measure time consuming?

Is made-to-measure as easy as grabbing a suit off the rack at a department store? No. But it doesn’t take nearly as long as many men think. It involves trying on a few pieces, getting your measurements taken, discussing fit and style, and deciding on details like fabric. With a knowledgeable sales associate guiding you through the process, it is quick and simple.

Made-to-measure also saves time in the future. We keep all your measurements on file here at Mur-Lees, so the next time you need a garment made, we just look up your specs and send off your order.

Is made-to-measure clothing expensive?

Mur-Lees has a number of different price points, so whether you are a high-ranking executive or a talented rookie on the up and up, we have pricing options that should fit as well as your customized garment.

We carry made-to-measure lines by Trands, S. Cohen, Hickey Freeman, Hart Schaffer & Marx, John Cooper, Measure Up, and Master & Master.

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Do you have more questions on our made-to-measure clothing options? Come see us or give us a call.

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