Why Every Man Should Own an Eton Shirt

Why Every Man Should Own an Eton Shirt


An Eton shirt is one of the best dress shirts a man can own. There is something about the way it feels against the skin, stays crisp under a jacket and always looks classic that make Eton shirts mainstays in the closets of well-dressed men everywhere.

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Eton, pronounced “Eaton,” was founded in 1928 in the small village of Gånghester, Sweden, and though the company has gone from village craftsman to a global titan, it has not abandoned the qualities that made it successful in the first place: high quality fabric, first-rate craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Learn more about the history of Eton here.

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Even today, almost a century later, Eton is still not a large company, relatively speaking. Compared to other popular, present day shirt manufacturers, Eton is a specialty operation. And this is precisely what makes their shirts so great—a smaller operation allows for more attention detail, expertise and ultimately, a superior product.

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And while a lot of works goes into making an Eton shirt, minimal upkeep is required after construction. Our customers love Eton shirts because they are so low maintenance. They are made of a no-iron fabric, so you don’t have to always get them pressed or heavily starched. (Not to mention that an exclusive, high-end dress shirt that pretty much takes care of itself is gold).

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