Mur-Lees in Long Island is Your Source for Paul & Shark

Mur-Lees in Long Island is Your Source for Paul & Shark 

Paul & Shark may not sound like an Italian clothing brand, but it is. Besides, in Paul & Shark’s case, it’s not the name that implies their heritage, but rather, the quality of their products tells you where they’re from.

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Without a doubt, Paul & Shark shirts and sportswear have “Italian” written all over them. It’s inscribed in the sumptuous feel of the fabric, sturdy seams and clean, flattering silhouettes.

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For spring and summer, Paul & Shark has designed a line of smart-casual apparel that is perfect for Long Island summers. Should you find yourself seaside or on a yacht this summer, make sure you’re wearing something from Paul & Shark. The collection has a nautical touch to it, and is perfect for the metropolitan guy with the ocean on his mind.

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Speaking of the ocean, blue is definitely the collection’s leading color. Paul & Shark makes rich use of it in shades of indigo, azure, cerulean and cobalt. Cherry red, forest green and white are also infused.

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We recently added Paul & Shark to our selection here at Mur-Lees, so come in and check it out. We are located here.

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