Eton Shirt Collars Explained

How to Pick the Right Shirt Collar [by Eton]

During our recent Coppley Custom Event in March, several customers asked for advice on shirt collars. The queries inspired us to create this post (it was originally an email by our friends at Eton) about how to pick the right shirt collar. Enjoy.

Eton-CollarsCut away

The Cut Away Collar is one of the essentials of modern shirt design. The balanced shape makes for a versatile collar that matches any face shape and can be worn either with or without a tie.

Extreme cut away

The Extreme Cut Away Collar is our bolder alternative to The Cut Away Collar. The wide spread suits with a range of ties, making it popular for any occasion and face shape.

Button down

From American preppy to Italian sprezzatura, from casual to well-dressed; the iconic Button Down Collar gets you ready for any style in a second.


The Tab Collar represents old school elegance. Originally created to put emphasis on the wearer’s tie, this classic collar design has in recent years enjoyed a stylish revival.

Pointed pin

The Pointed Pin is a sharper version of the classic Pin Collar that adds defining lines to your look with its pointed tips. The pin connecting the collar point lifts the tie and make it stand out both figuratively and literally.

High cut away

The High Cut Away Collar lends proportion to a long neck, ideally worn in combination with sharp tailoring for a bold, yet elegant look.

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